Lighthouse Brewing Co.

Popular designs

Aigua de Vilajuïga

Designed by Studio h | Country: United Kingdom “Studio h has created award-winning brand and packaging design for Aigua de Vilajuïga, naturally


Designed by Andrei D. Popa | Country: Romania Interesting and lovely design concept sent to us from Andrei D. Popa in Romania.

Miller Genuine Draft

Designed by Slava Fedutik | Country: Russia | Font: Bank Gothic Beautiful pattern-oriented packaging concepts for Miller beer.

Student Work – Marry Tonnu

Designed by Marry Tonnu | Country: United States “Package Design for Cashmere Cream Soda, a gourmet cream soda company looking for a refreshing

Oriel Wine

FFFFOUD this design. It looks to be a concept of some sort as I couldn’t find any reference on the Oriel Wines