Lisa Llanes

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Student Work – Charlie Bailey

Designed by Charlie Bailey | Country: United States “I redesigned Moritz Beer’s branding and labels for my packaging class at the University of

Pink Addiction

Designed by MUSA | Country: Portugal “Hand made packaging for limited edition tshirt pack thermo foil printed over nonwovens and EVA printed


Designed by Vipp & Box House | Country: Denmark “It all began with a pedal bin in 1939, but since then Vipp has

GLORIOUS! Skinny Dip

Designed by Lambie-Nairn | Country: United Kingdom “GLORIOUS!, the award-winning soup and sauce range, has launched a new range of skinny dips,

Mystique Cider

Designed by Bleublancrouge | Country: Canada | Fonts used: Estilo The Du Minot Cider Mill has asked Bleublancrouge to update the brand