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Popular designs

Great Divide Brewing Co.

Designed by Cultivator Advertising & Design | Country: United States | Fonts used: Knockout, Freehand 521 “Brief: Convey superior quality, hand-crafted beers.


Designed by One Design | Country: New Zealand | Illustration: Henrietta Harris “Overview: Bennetto Natural Foods Company launched its flagship product this

Artgraf Viarco Portugal

Designed by Mario Jorge Lemos | Country: Portugal Packing for 12 gray upscale pencils.

LEAP Organics

Designed by Moxie Sozo | Illustration: Charles Bloom | Country: United States Absolutely gorgeous packaging for LEAP Organics soap products. Designed by

Oriel Wine

FFFFOUD this design. It looks to be a concept of some sort as I couldn’t find any reference on the Oriel Wines