Mario Jorge Lemos

Popular designs

Connoisseur Ice Cream

Designed by Asprey Creative | Country: Australia “The new Connoisseur brand is a bold and contemporary reinvention that gives it far broader

Ito En + Dr. Weil

“Ito En partnered with Dr. Andrew Weil to develop a new line of high end ready to drink teas for the novice

Jed’s Coffee Co.

Designed by Shine | Country: New Zealand “The mainstream coffee segment in New Zealand had the potential to be stimulated by an

Packaging Design Of Copain

Designed by: Neom | Country: Italy Copain is a French word meaning friends or me and my partner. The French word also

Cone Kings

Designed by Arjan van Woensel | Country: New Zealand “Communicate the premium character of Cone Kings’ artisan made frozen yogurt. Stand out from