Popular designs

Rellana Hair

Designed by Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt | Country: Germany “A highly cost-effective promotion for Rellana Hair®—a range of fringed yarn—with the potential

Music CD Labeling System

Designed by Joshua Distler | Country: United States | Font used: Helvetica “Compact disc labeling concept. Each waveform accurately depicts a complete

The Manual Co.

Designed by Peter Gregson | Country: Serbia | Fonts: hand lettering (see handmade fonts) “Cardboard packaging design for boots, bags and accessories

Izola Candles

Designed by Aesthetic Movement | Country: United States “Inspired by the old world utilitarian ideal of making something that is “built to last,” Izola and Aesthetic Movement have

Student Work – Martín Azambuja

Designed by Martín Azambuja | Country: Uruguay “The project was to design new packaging of flour for people who like cooking. I decided