Popular designs

Fleur de Lis

Designed by StudioIN | Country: Russia “Femininity is characterized in the name and elegance of the lines and shape of the bottle. Type


Designed by Bulldog | Country: Sweden | Fonts used: Frutiger, Futura “Foxglo (pronounced Fox-glow) was launched to address European consumer adoption of

Garlic Jim’s

Designed by Hornall Anderson | Country: United States “How does a brand shift preconceived consumer expectations, especially when it’s a gluten-free product typically

Leu Wine

Designed by Die Medienagenten | Country: Germany “Tradition with a new face: Godfather at the naming of the trademark wines of the

Immuno Viva

Designed by Zeus Jones | Country: United States Beautiful packaging for Immuno Viva all natural antioxidant supplements. The use of the bold