Popular designs


Designed by MARK | Country: South Africa “Akdov is an ‘underground’ alcohol. Its very name is cryptic – the word ‘vodka’ spelt

Student Work – Susanna Tremaine

Designed by Susanna Tremaine | Country: United States “As a three book series about Vinyl covers of the seventies, this box set promotes

Neil Ashmead GTS

Designed by FULLER | Country: Australia “FULLER recently completed Elderton’s Neil Ashmead GTS (Grand Tourer Shiraz), a tribute wine who’s packaging fittingly

Baboushka Vodka

Designed by Webb deVlam | Country: Australia “Webb Scarlett deVlam Australia were commissioned by Alexanders Wines & Spirits to redesign Baboushka. Alexanders

Spinster Sisters Co.

Designed by Andrew Cruz | Country: United States “Inspired by vintage soap packaging, Spinster Sisters Co. approached me to design a unique,