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Popular designs

Student Work – John Dodd

Designed by Jon Dodd | Country: United Kingdom “A self set brief to design the packaging and catalogue for the Hederus range

Lather Bee Rich

Designed by El Designo | Country: Canada “Authenticity is the guiding principle in all of Lather Bee Rich’s creations. Ingredients are all

Student Work – Olivia Paden

Designed by Olivia Paden | Country: United States “Brief: Repackage items for the existing online retailer, Dulce Mexico, that provides traditional Mexican candies,

Mezcal Manonegra

Designed by Sociedad Anonima | Country: Mexico “Mezcal is the most ancient distilled spirit in America. It can be made of over 30 varietals


Designed by BULLET Inc. | Country: Japan “This package is for Japanese Sake, which is called KOI. The KOI is a vividly