Noah Collin

Popular designs

Frozen Ghost Vodka

Designed by Levenson & Hill | Country: United States “Frozen Ghost Vodka is a new entry in the crowded super-premium vodka marketplace. Arresting

Deliplus Toothpaste

Designed by Lavernia & Cienfuegos | Country: Spain “One of the design objectives was to comunicate the idea of an efficient, detailed

From Our Farms

Designed by Si Thorpe | Country: United Kingdom “Brand packaging for an ethicaly minded egg company, who specialise in organic, free range


Designed by Studio Chapeaux | Country: Germany “Waterkant is a locally roasted, premium coffee. It is known for its superior quality and

Virtuvės Mitų Griovėjai

Designed by Edvardas Kavarskas | Country: Lithuania “One of the largest and oldest bakery of Lithuania “Biržų duona” is frequently seeking innovations and delighting