Popular designs

Student Work – Marie-Eve Dubois

Designed by Marie-Eve Dubois | Country: Canada “If you’re among those who think that tofu is a rather boring and bland product,

Thymes Naia

Designed by Zeus Jones | Country: United States “Naia is a clean, crisp fragrance that activates the senses. The packaging highlights the


Designed by Spread Studio | Country: Denmark “Design of packaging for sustainable handmade soap bars illustrating the natural ingredients and artisan production.”

Student Work – Niklas Hessman

Designed by Niklas Hessman | Country: Sweden “The assignment was to design five pasta packaging. Also to come up with a brand


Designed by AIAIAI | Country: Denmark Packaging design for AIAIAI’s Tracks Headphone Collection for Spring/Summer 2011. “The Tracks Headphone is an award winning, supra-aural