Oast House Bière de Noël

Popular designs

Arla Smoothie

Designed by Happy Forsman & Bodenfors | Country: Sweden “The word ‘smoothie’ is a delicious onomatopoeia and Happy’s packaging adds to the

Student Work – Kathy Mueller

Designed by Kathy Mueller | Country: United States “Clean Break offers tongue-in-cheek parting gifts for that not-so-special someone. The concept is a line

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

Designed by Frog Design | Country: United States The new packaging for Microsoft’s Office for Mac 2011 is easy on the eyes

Rise n’ Shiner Coffee

Designed by Jessica Keintz & Ross Bruggink | Country: United States “Designed for Rise n’ Shiner, a partnered blend distributed by Equal

Student Work – Martín Azambuja

  Designed by Martín Azambuja | Country: Uruguay “The goal was to create a vintage Chocolate Bars with direct references to swiss design.