Popular designs

Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses

Designed by Nik and Carole | Country: United Kingdom “Nik and Carole help Butlers to celebrate their very special traditional cheeses. With recipes dating

Student Work – Sascha Elmers

Designed by Sascha Elmers | Country: Germany “A series of wine bottles that use simple pictographs to illustrate the relationship between the wine

Fulton’s Apothecary

Designed by Dan and Dave Industries | Country: United States “Hands are an integral part of our craft. Under constant scrutiny, we set

Cadbury Gourmet Chocolates

Designed by Daniel Elliot | Country: Australia “Shown is a selection of three gourmet chocolate packaging solutions for world leader in chocolate

Mike Weir Underdog Wine Co.

Designed by Insite Design | Country: Canada Believe it or not, Canadians share an indelible spirit and commonality — we are hard