Rasmus Snabb

Popular designs

Titanic Irish Whiskey

Designed by Adam Crane | Country: Ireland “On the shores of Belfast Lough, we still recall the ship – builders and distillery

Eau de España

Designed by Tatabi Studio | Country: Spain “50 ml of Spain in a bottle with an exclusive fragrances. Blend happiness, sun and dash


Designed by Cowan | Country: Australia “Adults Only – Muesli bars have traditionally been perceived by consumers as a kids’ snack, finding

TK Food Baked Wheat Cookies

Designed by Victor Branding Lab | Country: Taiwan TK Food created four brand new flavors of their baked wheat cookies. Cherry blossom

Midnight Moonshine

Designed by Shane Cranford | Country: United States “Few family recipes carry a jail sentence, but for the Johnson family it was a