Popular designs

Illegal Burger

Designed by The Metric System | Illustrator: Frode Skaren |¬†Country: Norway “Illegal Burger is a tiny sit-in and take-out burger joint in

Student Work – Carl Bender

Designed by Carl Bender | Country: United States “By presenting a fictitious worst-case scenario as genuine the Anarkon project questions the influence

A. Le Coq Special

Designed by Taevas Ogilvy | Country: Estonia Thanks to Estonia based Taevas Ogilvy for sending us this great Upscale beer packaging.

Alpha Box & Dice

Designed by Mash | Country: Australia “Justin Lane – lovable rogue and wine evangelist approached us to collaborate with him to create


Designed by Eszter Laki | Country:¬†Hungary “Kispiac is a small, affable bistro nested just in the neighbourhood of one of the most