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Designed by Swiss CosmoLab | Country: Switzerland “Renouve is the world’s first anti-aging hand sanitizing lotion made with collagen stimulating peptides. The name

Salt&Pepper Cell

Designed by Antrepo Design Industry | Country: Turkey “We love the minimal salt & pepper shaker design but we want some industrial

Sunshine Enema

Designed by Jeremy & Erin Fortes | Country: United States “The face of Marrow is three people. But behind the scenes there


Designed by HvingtQuatre | Country: France “Men’s cosmetics. Hydrating replenishing emulsion. Facial cleansing mill. Shaving soap. Expression of masculinity in the design

Urban Outfitters Tights

Designed by Dan Gneiding / Grayhood | Country: United States Thanks to designer Dan Gneiding for sending us this simple packaging solution