Student Work – Ekaterina Dubeykovskaya

Popular designs


Nice work sent into us from Evan at Pancake Breakfast. I love the cleaverness of the identity.


Designed by Mats Ottdal | Country: Norway Frisk is a drinking yogurt designed for young children who don’t like milk which uses

Linnea’s Lights

Designed by Funnel | Country: United States Absolutely gorgeous vintage-inspired packaging featuring chipboard containers and beautiful, die-cut labels. “Linnea’s Lights™ candles combine

Sixpence Stout

Designed by Midday | Country: United Kingdom “With a subtle flavour profile of a traditional christmas pudding, our brief was to name

Seed Bombs

Designed by Visualingual | Country: United States “Practice random acts of gardening with these seed bombs! Five gumball-sized balls are packed into