Svedka Vodka

Popular designs

Student Work – Yonatan Sheinker

Designed by Yonatan Sheinker | Country: Israel “Identity and Packaging “Tahanat Lehem” (The Bread Mill), experimental bakery brand focusing on new and

Bolshaya Pol’za

Designed by Fresh Chicken | Country: Russia “Fresh Chicken agency developed a brand name, made a logo and designed a package for a flour brand  “Bolshaya

Schweppes 230th Anniversary

Designed by French Toast | Country: Belgium Concept work from Liege based French Toast celebrating Schweppes 230th anniversary. “Schweppes celebrated their 230th


Designed by jkr | Country: United Kingdom “By developing personality through the Billington’s ‘B’, the new design strives to establish an impactful and memorable


Designed by Antonio Dominguez | Country: Spain “The leading European in-flight catering company’s goal was to create an unbranded packaging to communicate