Sweet Botanicals

Popular designs

A.P.C. Olive Oil

Country: France Fashion brand A.P.C. designed their Olive Oil with the same clean minimal look of their clothing line. It almost has

Conto Figueira

Designed by Moio Coletivo | Country: Brazil “This packaging is part of the collection of  brand work for Conto Figueira, Brazilian fashion

Sandeman Cellars

Designed by VOLTA | Country: Portugal “Sandeman challenged VOLTA to create a tourism multi pack of 5 mini-sized Porto wine bottles, for

Student Work – Amrita Marino

Designed by Amrita Marino | Country: United States “This project’s purpose was to take a product from a 99 cent store and

Café Vue

Designed by Designworks | Country: Australia “Designworks has had the privilege of helping develop the growing Vue de Monde family of brands,