Tatabi Studio

Popular designs

Vidago Palace

Designed CB’a Design | Country: Spain “The reopening of the Vidago Palace hotel, near Oporto, was a great excuse to reposition and redesign

Pinelli Wines

Designed by Iannello Design | Country: Australia | Fonts used: Colonna, ITC Giovanni, Sackers Gothic, Formal Script “Located in Western Australia’s Swan

Student Work – Vincent Wade

Designed by Vincent Wade | Country: United Kingdom “This packaging of tomato and brown sauce was inspired by the wrestling and wrestlers of World

Melbourne Moonshine

Designed by Sense | Country: Australia “Melbourne Moonshine is a brand new alcohol firm based out of South Melbourne. For its branding,

ACME 4 Function Pen

Designed by Larissa Brandao | Country: United States The Creative Circus student Larissa Brandao sent us one of her projects. “Inspired by