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Popular designs

Nike FC Barcelona

Designed by Oxigen_ | Country: Spain “The packaging must transmit the elegance and values of the Club. Its shape makes the costumer

Alton Brown

Designed by Hampus Jageland | Country: Australia | Fonts used: FF Sari “Alton Brown is a spice range for blind and visually

Student Work – Kelly Thorn

Designed by Kelly Thorn | Country: United States “The assignment was Diablo Salsa and Tortilla packaging, and it had to have a Mexican


Designed by Factor Product München | Country: Germany “The Munich delicatessen Dallmayr produces a range of high quality confectionery products in its

First Blush Juice

Designed by Ferroconcrete | Country: United States “First blush is the first grape juice made from wine grapes. Ferroconcrete developed a new