Popular designs

Student Work – Natasha Shubaly

Designed by Natasha Shubaly | Country: Canada “These wine packages were designed as an interactive way for the consumer to try an


Designed by Krghettojuice | Country: Italy “Cosmogel is a brand new Italian cosmetic company. Work developed teaming with the Eurika staff.”

Čebelarstvo Korinšek Honey

Designed by Katja Korinšek | Country: Slovenia “Identity and packaging for honey makers Čebelarstvo Korinšek. In the logo is traditional Slovenian bee.

Student Work – Wai Lun Wong

Designed by Wai Lun Wong | Country: Australia Incredible work from this third year design student from Hong Kong who is currently

Mama Mafia

Designed by Dima Je | Country: Russia “Take-away packaging for Mama Mafia. This is a delivery service which specializes on Italian and