Popular designs

STUDIOIN New Year 2014

Designed by STUDIOIN | Country: Russia “2013 was difficult but it also allowed us to achieve our ambitious goals. We created many

1000 Acres Vodka

Designed by Arnell | Country: United States Beautiful, unique and creative packaging from Arnell for 1000 Acres Vodka. This really demonstrates that

Detaille x Sophnet

Country: France/Japan Packaging for special edition scented candles for Sophnet, from classic French parfumier Detaille.

The Celt Experience

The Celt Experience

Designed by Kutchibok | Country: Wales, United Kingdom “The Celt Experience is a brewery inspired by Celtic history, to produce a range of

Ensemble Rosé

Designed by Frank Aloi | Country: Australia “The concept behind this design was to emphasise the 5 different grape varieties that are