Popular designs

Jamon Pedro Llinares

Designed by Narrow House | Country: Spain | Fonts used: Trajan, Neue Helvetica “Design for Pedro LlinaresĀ“ range of pre packed pork

Diet Rubyy Red Blood Energy

Newly launched Diet version of Rubyy Blood Orange Energy drink. Does anyone know who is responsible for this design?

Moonstruck Tumbled Chocolate

Designed by Sandstrom Partners | Country: United States “Moonstruck Chocolate asked us to help them name and develop a packaging system for

Malibu Pop & Street Art Series

Designed by La MJC | Country: France “La MJC came up with this idea of re-designing Malibu bottles in “pop” interpretations by

Lot 44

Designed by Diego Ballester | Country: Argentina “Lot 44 is a line of young wines, whose name comes from the careful selection