Popular designs

Naked King

Designed by BeetRoot Design Group | Country: Greece “Brief: a new winemaker contacted us in order to provide a visual identity to

Student Work – Misako Ishida

Designed by Misako Ishida | Country: United States “Casera is a line of small batch tequila handcrafted by women in a small

Northern United Brewing Company

Designed by Neatly Trimmed Beard | Country: United States “Northern United Brewing Company, owners of the two most successful brew pubs in

Azita’s Dry Rub

Designed by Michael Freimuth | Country: United States Michael Freimuth continues his amazing work for Azita’s, this time for their limited edition


Designed by Starbucks & Lippincott | Country: United States “From the start, we wanted to recognize and honor the important equities of