Popular designs

Campbells V8 Invigor8

Produced by Richard Palmer | Country: United States “In the energy drink boom, there wasn’t a healthier option for the consumer. In

Salt&Pepper Cell

Designed by Antrepo Design Industry | Country: Turkey “We love the minimal salt & pepper shaker design but we want some industrial

True Rum

Designed by Zoo Studio | Country: Spain “Concept and design of the packaging to promote the seal of quality True Rum. The

Mezcal Malabraga

Designed by Manifiesto Futura | Country: Mexico “Malabraga is a traditional mezcal. A gift from Manifiesto Futura for their friends. Let’s toast for this to

Miller High Life – Red White & Blue

Designed by Landor San Francisco | Country: United States “In 2010, Miller High Life reclaimed its status as the iconic American beer. The strategy