Popular designs

Student Work – Lina Sponberg

Designed by Lina Sponberg | Country: Sweden “The assignment was to create a fictive coffee brand of fine edition ground coffee.”


Designed Leynivopnid | Country Iceland “Float is a water therapy product, focusing on a deep and relaxing water experience.”

Pepsi Prestige

Designed by PepsiCo Design & Innovation | Country: United States
“The Prestige Bottle shape reflects the Pepsi heritage by nodding to prior classic glass structures in their most recognizable and simplified form. Its smooth aluminum finish is cool to the touch, communicating the ice-cold refreshment of the product inside. Subtle graphic patterns and vibrant colors capture the eye and differentiate between the brand’s variants.

One Village Coffee

Designed by Able | Country: United States “Over the past 9 months we have spent a lot of time with the employees,

Grappa Norton

Designed by Estudio Iuvaro | Country: Argentina “Label design is not simply dressing the bottle, it implies the understanding of the product