ZOÉ – Limited Edition Box Set

Popular designs

Galerie au Chocolat

Designed by Paprika | Country: Canada Here’s a great collection of packaging for Galerie au Chocolate produced by Paprika.

Choc Chic

Designed by Polygraphe | Country: Canada “Chic Choc is a new spiced rum produced by Domaine Pinnacle. The identity is based on


Designed by Sandstrom Partners | Country: United States “St-Germain is an artisan French liqueur made from hand-picked wild elderflowers. The picking season

The Elegant Barber

Designed by Adrian Gilling | Country: United States “The Elegant Barber is an identity and packaging concept for a classic men’s barber shop


Designed by Voice | Country: Australia “It wouldn’t be a stretch to claim that birds are somewhat over represented on wine labels.