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Help Remedies

September 19, 2008 | 4 Comments

Designed by Little Fury | Country: United States

Help Remedies uses witty writing and 100% recyclable moulded paper pulp to make their health products friendly and welcoming. Their simple design makes these products stand out from the sea of over designed packages in your typical drug store.

“While some health problems are large, complicated and frightening, most aren’t the end of the world. A kind word and a little help can get you on your way again.

Help Remedies was created to make solving simple health issues simple. We find the best solution there is, and take away everything else. By stripping away some of the complexity and fear mongering of the health industry, we hope to make the category friendlier and more accessible, and in doing so empower people to make their own health decisions.

We think a little help, honesty and kindness will go a long way.”


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4 Responses to “Help Remedies”

  1. brerneplancap
    January 29th, 2009 @ 12:32 pm – cool sitename man)))

  2. casey
    June 15th, 2009 @ 1:02 pm

    wow wow wow this is grrrreat!

  3. Tom && Scarlet ^^
    September 15th, 2009 @ 1:52 am

    How Many Plasters Dose It Contain?

    As For The Packaging And Little Messages WE LOVE IT!!!

  4. movelab
    June 7th, 2010 @ 12:56 pm

    The design was done by Esther and Tina @

    Not sure why the designers weren’t credited for this work.

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