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Designed by Imagehaus | Country: United States “Our complete brand audit strategically positions All Seasons Wild Bird Store as the source for all your needs –

The idea behind the packaging was to evoke the feeling of freedom and happiness that birds flying in the wilderness experience.

Designed by Stocks Taylor Benson | Country: United Kingdom “Design agency Stocks Taylor Benson has created the name, identity and packaging for ‘A little bird told me…’,

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Student Work – Heesun Kim

Designed by Heesun Kim | Country: United States “Artist Edition Clif Bar: The goal was to create a limited artist edition Clif


Designed by Subconscious Co. Ltd. | Country: Thailand “Mew is the cereal milk with original flavors, cookies’n cream and rum raisin. It

Student Work – Nick Dunlap

Designed by Nick Dunlap | Country: United States “This project is a 1920s inspired wine from a vineyard near Chicago, packaged in a

Northcoast Brewery

Designed by Taylor Goad | Country: United States Conceptual work from Philly based designer Taylor Goad. “What’s great about Northcoast’s beers is

Jacu Coffee Roastery

Designed by Tom Emil Olsen | Country: Norway “The Jacu bird lives in South America and is known for something quite extraordinary;