Designed by Minimalist | Country: South Korea “Due to the high demand for Samsung Exynos, Samsung Electronics have decided to expend Exynos from a processor chip

Designed by Character | Country: United States “Wally is a sensor system that detects and alerts homeowners to water leaks and changes in humidity via their

Designed by RMA | Country: United States “We were tasked with updating existing direct to consumer packing for Heckler Design.Maintaining the brand ideals of using honest,

Designed by Geometry Global | Country: Germany “A piece of paper merges an extraordinary packaging concept and an exceptional product into one. Sold in Fedrigoni showrooms only, the limited

Designed by Jongwon Lee | Country: South Korea “Old school is good school. ‘grain’ is a reusable-disposable film camera and film brand. The dots on the

Designed by QOOP | Design & Kommunikation | Country: Germany “For the brand Eden we created a comprehensive identity. It was important to us to pick

Designed by Fischer Audio | Country: Russia “Fischer Audio headphones were developed with the help of state of the art technology, framed in retro-styled housing, they feature

Designed by DentsuBos | Country: Canada “Montreal based high-end electronics store KébecSon recently face-lifted it’s packaging to better communicate it’s love and passion for all things

Designed by Xiaomi Tech | Country: China “Xiaomi is a Chinese smart phone company and just launched its 2nd generation smart phone, MI 2. With environmental consciousness,

Popular designs

Hooh Studio Designs Egoiste Brut from Kreinbacher

Hooh Studio’s creation, the Egoïste label for Kreinbacher Estate, exudes an air of sophistication. Utilizing black natural paper and metallic foil, it achieves a flawless fusion of elegance.