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Designed by Family(and friends) | Country: United Kingdom In 2009 Family (and friends) created the Capriolo Extra Virgin Olive Oil brand and packaging for

Student Work – Joy Lin

Designed by Joy Lin | Country: United States “The reusable X-ACTO packaging recognizes the user’s every need in terms of transport, storage,

Red Dog Candy

Designed by Moxie Sozo | Country: United States “All food packaging needs to work at the retail level, but some foods like


Designed by Mint Design | Country: United States “A new artisanal brewery opening in the Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood warranted a sleek contemporary

Student Work – Corinne Pant

Designed by Corrine Pant | Country: Canada “Choosing plastic wrap for non-perishable items is often a choice that is unjustifiable for the