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Designed by Buddy | Country: United Kingdom “This year we decided to combine two of our favourite seasonal pastimes, enjoying a glass of hot mulled wine

Designed by The Collective | Country: Australia “When thinking of a name for their brand, winemakers Liz and Travis Wray decided that winemaking really was a

Designed by Onice Design | Country: Italy “Bigagnoli Wines is a new wine producer in the Garda Lake area of Northern Italy. The other producers in

Designed by OlssønBarbieri | Country: Norway “Winemaker’s Selection is a collection of wines selected by the most acclaimed winemakers in the world representing the “state-of-the-art” of

Designed by Sage | Country: Australia “Schwarz Wine Company is a boutique winery based in Bethany, Barossa Valley. Winemaker Jason Schwarz appointed Sage to create a

“…St. Bernadine designed this system to incorporate both the red and white wine varieties under their country of origin. Informed by passports and travel stamps, design

Designed by Arena-Bahamonde | Country: Argentina “Arena-Bahamonde wines carried out in cooperation with renowned Argentinean oenologists. These wines are the result of unique and exclusive grapes

Designed by Israel Yosseph | Country: Israel “A series of labels for Tulip winery, Israel. These premium wine bottles required prestigious labels, so the high quality

Designed by Richard Marazzi Design | Country: Canada “The packaging for Table Wine was created for Malivoire Winery, who were introducing a casual yet great tasting

Designed by The Grain | Country: Australia “Sydney’s iconic restaurant, Wildfire asked us to create the labels for their new range of wines sold through the

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