Rethink Table Wine

Designed by Rethink | Country: Canada “We created this self-promo campaign of “Table Wines” to showcase Rethink’s package design capabilities. The back of each label includes copy crafted to its particular variety of table, giving potential clients a taste of our personality, philosophy and sense of humour. Copy on this version reads: At Rethink, we … Read more

The Stallion Wine

Designed by Jordan Jelev | Country: Bulgaria “The Stallion Wine of Angelus Estate is positioned in exclusive super-premium class – an amazing wine that can impress every connoisseur. The brand name Stallion comes from the area of the vineyards but also reminds of the spirit and free energy of a young stallion – characteristics that … Read more

Manaresi Winery

Designed by Mirit Wissotzky | Country: Israel “Donatella Agostoni inherited the winery from her artist grandfather Paolo Manaresi. Coming from a family that over the years made, appreciated and collected art, to take on its tradition and cultural legacy, she decided to call the winery after him. Then, the whole design concept was created around … Read more

The Wine Society

Designed by The Creative Method | Country: Australia “Brief: The Wine Society wanted to upgrade it’s labels from something that was quite generic to something that added a little more value. The Society is competing against many different wineries and it was important that the labels had good standout, reflected the quality and helped beginning … Read more

Teusner Wines

Designed by Sage | Country: Australia “Teusner Wines are a small boutique winery based in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. They approached Sage to help them create a brand and package to sell their ‘MC Sparkling Shiraz’ for around AUD $65 retail. The feature graphics on this packaging represent bubbles in their simplest form – … Read more

The Good Earth Food & Wine Co.

Designed by Insite Design | Country: Canada | Fonts used: Mrs Eaves “Truly the health of a wine region is measured by what exists in the spaces between the vines. Niagara has a very healthy and quickly growing region thanks to pioneers in food and experience culture like Nicolette Novak of the Good Earth Cooking … Read more