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Designed by László Mihály Naske | Country” Hungary “Handmade’ still confers an air of high esteem on objects, which is why I was pleased that, when Péter

Designed by Buddy | Country: United Kingdom Buddy created these festive mulled wine bottles to send to their clients and friends. A limited edition of 60 labels were

Designed by Designers Anonymous | Country: United Kingdom “A Christmas gift given to clients, suppliers and friends. The ‘Warm red’ Pantone chip becomes a gift box

Designed by Sturm & Drang | Country: Sweden “Hello Winelovers! This box contains 4 glasses for red wine (white wine/champagne). The shape is unique and makes the wine

Designed by Uniform | Country: Norway “Arcus Wine Brands has recently completed a redesign of its Collection Frithjof Nicolaysen wine series. The wine series consists of

Designed by Insite Design | Country: Canada “We really enjoy designing labels for small batch wines as it opens up so much possibility when free of

Designed by Blend-it Design | Country: Israel “The boutique Adir Winery is located in the Upper Galilee and produces wine mainly for experts and collectors in the field. As

Designed by Insite Design | Country: Canada Believe it or not, Canadians share an indelible spirit and commonality — we are hard working, nose to the

Designed by Anchalee Chambundadongse | Country: United States We love hearing stories like this. When Marie Fox, proprietor of 12 Signs Wine was looking for designers to

Designed by Marco Colognola | Country: Italy Branding (Identity, labels, packaging, web site) for Alliatavini, Italy.

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D’eyras – Medrono & Olive Oil

What connects D´EYRAS, Medronho, and Olive Oil? They all hail from the same country: Portugal. These trees are indigenous to the region, serving as a testament to the bountiful and diverse Mediterranean flora.

Motivational Sock Packaging: A Good Start to Your Day

Discover ‘Good Start’, a new sock brand designed to motivate. Each pack contains seven pairs of socks, each adorned with motivational quotes from famous personalities, intended to inspire a positive start to the day.