Popular designs

Truett Hurst x Safeway

Designed by Stranger & Stranger | Country: United States Kevin Shaw, Founder and Creative Director of Stranger: “The idea came from our own No.13

Bosco del Grillo Chianti Classico

Art Direction: Louise Fili, Design & Lettering: Jessica Hische | Country: United States | Font: Archer Bosco del Grillo is a very

The Blackman Dop Kit

Designed by Daniel Blackman | Country: United States “Items and habits handed down from my grandfather, to my father, to myself.”

Nectaflor Honey

Designed by allink | Country: Switzerland “The Swiss honey producer nectaflor launched three special exquisite products in Summer 2013 – Honey from

Clipper Teas

Designed by Big Fish | Country: United Kingdom Nice hand drawn packaging for Clipper Fair Trade teas.