Popular designs

Student Work – Kathy Mueller

Designed by Kathy Mueller | Country: United States “Clean Break offers tongue-in-cheek parting gifts for that not-so-special someone. The concept is a line

Sivaris Rice

Designed by Pepe Gimeno | Country: Spain “The brief for the packaging for SIVARIS was twofold: to raise product awareness and profile,

Crispy Food

Designed by envision:design | Country: Denmark | Font used: Gill Sans Crispy Food markets muesli with two simple demands: its contents have

The Powder Monkey

Designed by Parallax Design | Country: Australia “In 1824, aged nine, Bleasdale founder Frank Potts joined the British Royal Navy as one


Designed by Andreas Krapf | Country: Germany “The goal was to create a unique and fun packaging for the Denada T-shirt. The tin package