Popular designs

Maverick Chocolate Co.

Designed by Jessica Jones | Country: United States “Maverick Chocolate Co. is a startup company that hand crafts finished bar in their

Organic Honey

Designed by Marcel Buerkle | Country: South Africa This elegangt, copy driven packaging concept is the work of South African based designer

Guinness Draught

Designed by jkr | Country: United Kingdom I’ve always been a fan of Guinness’ clean and simple design, a look that stands

Baxter Scented Candle

Designed by Marc Atlan | Country: United States | Font used: ITC Franklin Gothic

Moorhouse’s Brewery

Designed by 999 Design | Country: United Kingdom | Fonts used: Clarendon Condensed “Yes, you read it right! Blond Bitch. Moorhouse’s, a