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Popular designs

Student Work – Parusha Lewis

Designed by Parusha Lewis | Country: United Kingdom “Gusto is a fictional family-run food company specialising in slow food (food that is

Yellowtree Farm

Designed by David Rygiol | Country: United States “Yellowtree farm is a specialty organic farm producing rare and amazing foods out of

Student Work – Matthew Smiroldo

Designed by Matthew Smiroldo | Country: United States “All smokers have the problem of forgetting a lighter at the most inconvenient times.

Student Work – Michela Monterosso

Designed by¬†Michela Monterosso | Country: Italy “I created a concept series of flavored milk with Japanese names. I imagined these bottles and

XXXX Summer Bright Lager

Designed by Di Donato | Country: Australia “The XXXX Summer Bright Lager brand evolved from an innovation program designed to establish a