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Sail & Anchor

Designed by Marque Brand Consultants | Country: Australia “The Brief: the Pinnacle group tasked Marque Brand consultants with extending the portfolio of

Student Work – Brennan Gleason

Designed by Brennan Gleason | Country: Canada “This self directed student project for my final semester of design school was initiated with

Bauhaus Brew Labs

Designed by Helms Workshop | Country: United States “Bauhaus Brew Labs channels its namesake’s spirit of creativity, experimentation and playfulness in crafting

Student Work – Johana Tran

Designed by Johana Tran | Country: United States “Through a redesign that exudes a natural charm and confidence, Seventh Generation offers consumers

Cheddar Ales

Cheddar Ales

Designed by Studio Output | Country: United Kingdom “Cheddar Ales is a microbrewery in Somerset which hand-crafts beers. We were approached by head brewer, Jem