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Popular designs

Mailbooks for Good

Designed by BMF | Country: Australia “Mailbooks for Good is an innovation in book publishing, which encourages donations of books to The Footpath


Designed by Air Conditioned + Ann Field | Country: United States + United Kingdom The combination of beautiful colourful watercolour illustrations and

Fruits & Passion

Designed by lg2boutique | Country: Canada “Recently, Fruits & Passion introduced a new range of packaging created by lg2boutique entitled CHERRY, BAMBOO and COCONUT.


Designed by Dorian | Country: Spain In occasion of “La Rioja Tierra Abierta – La Fiesta Barroca 2011”, cultural event which focuses

Heckler Design

Designed by RMA | Country: United States “We were tasked with updating existing direct to consumer packing for Heckler Design.Maintaining the brand