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Popular designs

Howling Monkey

Designed by Turner Duckworth | Country: United States “Our client’s brief to us was ‘Howling Monkey’ is the name. Have some fun

Student Work – Carolin Boström

Designed by Carolin Boström | Country: Sweden “Diamond is a concept collection of beauty and health care products. These packages are made to

Fandler Oils

Designed by d.signwerk | Country: Austria | Fonts used: FF Cocon Beautiful work from Austrian based d.signwerk. The use of oil imagery

Mama Mafia

Designed by Dima Je | Country: Russia “Take-away packaging for Mama Mafia. This is a delivery service which specializes on Italian and

CAPI Sparkling

Designed by CIP Creative | Country: Australia “The CAPI brand was born from a simple idea to produce Pure, Clean, Refreshing carbonated drinks. Taking