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Designed by WORK Labs | Country: United States “WORK Beer started with a art director that dreamed of having his own beer(seriously, who doesn’t dream about

Designed by 22 Squared | Country: United States Aimed at the Southern US market, this locally made beer features humourous, copy-intensive packaging and uses four striking

Designed by Ryan Martin | Country: United Kingdom “Kudos is a new beer product from Green Room Ales, it is revolutionary in that it is brewed

“The stubby beer bottle was Canada’s national beer bottle from 1961 to 1984. In 1961 the Dominion Brewers Association (now the Brewers Association of Canada) replaced

Designed by Entire | Country: Sweden “With a bottle of designs from a bygone age, when sea monsters torn free of the major oceans and tattoos

Designed by dd|a | Country: United States “We at dd|a are brand zealots and proud of it. There’s no brand half full or brand half empty

Designed by Lip Ltda | Country: Colombia “This is a series of labels we created for our client Bogotá Beer Company, a microbrewery located, yes you’re

Country: New Zealand Simply naming their beers in the order that they were produced proved to be a great concept that lead to beautifully designed bottles

More vintage packaging for your viewing pleasure, this time in the form of beer cans. There is something about the simple elegance of these cans that

Designed by Dreamerworx | Country: Bulgaria “Beer for the hard working tough guy. With no doodles, gold platings, any insignificent items whatsoever. Tough as an army

Popular designs

Mar de Anemonas – Underwater Aged Wine

Discover the unique packaging design of this underwater-aged wine, featuring a vintage label tied with a rope and a small book. Each bottle gains originality as marine life adheres to it during sea-bottom aging.

Motivational Sock Packaging: A Good Start to Your Day

Discover ‘Good Start’, a new sock brand designed to motivate. Each pack contains seven pairs of socks, each adorned with motivational quotes from famous personalities, intended to inspire a positive start to the day.

Laphroaig’s Wellington Boot-Inspired Gift Packaging Design

Laphroaig leverages story-telling to engage new drinkers, transforming the iconic green wellies into a giftable, reusable packaging for their single malt whisky. The wellie-inspired design disrupts traditional Scotch packaging, adding a playful touch to the brand’s history.