John Varvatos Star USA

Popular designs

SIS. Deli + Café

Designed by Rasmus Snabb | Country: Finland “Coffee cups for SIS. Deli + Café a chain of delicatessens specializing in high quality


Country: United States | Buy it Chocolate décor is not really packaging, is it… But I think that the “print” on these

Trixey Gentleman’s Club

Designed by Nine99Design | Country: Israel “Branding for an art-deco, Chicago jazz club style restaurant. The logo is written in a new

Fatto A Mano

Designed by P.S. Studios | Country: United States “Imported from a small family vineyard in the Italian region of Tuscany, this red blend


Designed by Markus Diebel | Country: United States Manymals is a collection of five necklaces that features wild animals which hang from