Kraken Ceramic

Designed by Stranger & Stranger | Country: United Kingdom “A limited ceramic bottling from the depths. Proof of the Kraken’s existence at the bottom of the ocean.”

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Designed by Mundial | Country: Uruguay “Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, COOK creates meal kits that are healthy and easy to cook. Each

Packaging Design: Diara Candy

In addition to the geometric motifs in the background, the graphic designer uses an authentic Iranian plant theme to highlight the country’s identity and values. The green and blue color palettes enhance the look and feel of the packaging.

Brew Tea Co.

Designed by Interabang | Country: United Kingdom “Brew were looking to expand into the retail sector, having firmly established themselves supplying tea wholesale to

Fire Fighter Vodka

Designed by Timur Salikhov | Country: Russia “The task at hand was to create a striking visual concept for a vodka bottle.

Green Genius

Designed by Hub Strategy | Country: United States “In designing this packaging, we focused on a couple key things 1) make it