Designed by Midday | Country: United Kingdom “Cultivated and smoked by generations of hardy farmers in the harsh Oaxacan climate, the smoked chillies in ‘Gran Luchito’

Designed by Lorraine Nicoletta | Country: United States “BBQ IT, stems from a desire to make cooking products appeal more to men.  BBQ IT marinade kit draws inspiration

Designed by Imaginaria Creative | Country: United States “After rave reviews of our Happy Holipeños gift we sent last holiday season, Imaginaria Creative’s owner, Cesar Sanchez,

Designed by Bless | Country: United Kingdom “Bless has just completed the new branding for London based Cool Chile Co. one of the first companies to

Designed by Jansen Harris | Country: United Arab Emirates “Evelyn’s chocolate sauce recipe has secretly passed from one Evelyn woman to the next over several generations.

Designed by Kelly Thorn | Country: United States “The assignment was Diablo Salsa and Tortilla packaging, and it had to have a Mexican feel. I decided to

Designed by NTGJ | Country: Portugal “PRIMVS is a brand that has decided to up the ante in a number of consumer sectors. It has initially

Designed by Shark! | Country: United Kingdom | Font: Duffy “Shark! Design & Marketing recently created the brand and packaging for The Yorkshire Saucery – a

Designed by Justina&Co. | Country: Spain Nearly two years ago Justina Sanchis left her position as Creative Director in one of the biggest design companies in

Designed by united* | Country: United States “There are 3 million people in Tuscany. All different & all unique. This authentic Italian brand shows their true

Popular designs

Nude Bee Honey Co.

Designed by Edward Okun | Country: Canada “Nude Bee Honey Co.® was launched in 2010 by entrepreneurs Edward Okun and Jared Cantor


Designed by The Brand Union | Country: Sweden I know we’re a bit late to the party with this work, but it’s

Askinosie Chocolate

Designed by Element Eleven & Kristina Sacci | Country: United States | Buy it Askinosie Chocolate has some beautiful packaging in their

HEMA Paper

Designed by Studio Kluif | Country: The Netherlands A humourous take on copy paper sold by international European retailer, HEMA.