Beer Packaging

The focus behind the design is to highlight the vigor of the protest. Inspired by the 70s Italian Futurism and Demonstrations, Studio created these striking
The centerpiece of the packaging design is the unicorn and the italic typography. The typography provides a sense of motion, letting the consumers know that a

Popular designs

Casillero Silva

Designed by Daniel Eek | Country: Sweden “I wanted to focus on the strong fruity taste of the wine that has a

Cube Cloths

Designed by Jill Brown & Brian Paschke | Country: Canada “Inspired by compressed emergency clothing found in Japan; these sugar cube-sized objects expand into

Lee Never Wasted

Designed by Happy | Country: India “With the relevance of eco-friendly initiatives increasing every day, Lee wanted an innovative solution that would


Designed by Ignasi Boza | Country: Spain “Packaging of three bottles of olive oil monovarietales. Each of them identified with a natural element

Mikkeller Wild Winter Ale

Designed by Bedow | Country: Sweden “A collaboration with Danish brewery Mikkeller. This Wild Winter Ale is the fourth in a series of four seasonal beers released