"The bars are handmade with activated, slow roasted chickpeas, organic seeds, and fragrant spice blends, baked with a touch of organic brown rice syrup and macadamia

Popular designs

Helvetica Blu-ray

Designed by Experimental Jetset | Country: The Netherlands “In 2007, we were involved in a documentary about the typeface Helvetica, a movie


Designed by Si Thorpe | Country: United States ‘We’re Perfect with Cereals’ — label designs for a self promotional item. Awarded silver

Michael Austin Winery

Designed by Hatch | Country: United States “The Michael Austin Winery was started by two long-time friends, whose names are ‘Michael’ and

Daniele de Winter

Designed by gerry2 | Country: Germany “The brand Daniele de Winter implies scientific research, natural ingredients and a high society luxury brand.

The Powder Monkey

Designed by Parallax Design | Country: Australia “In 1824, aged nine, Bleasdale founder Frank Potts joined the British Royal Navy as one