Toblerone teamed up with the London-based design agency Bulletproof to create a new brand story that “pays tribute to the importance of being stubbornly triangle in

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Azeite Gallo Colheita ao Luar

Designed by RMAC | Country: Portugal “From the perspective of the harvest moon, a certain time of the day in which the


Designed by Christina Rotundo | Country: United States “We needed to create a strong identity and packaging system for this product along

Glow Fuel

Designed by Stoere Binken Design | Country: The Netherlands “Glow is a brand of RC car fuel from Jonker BV. Where Tornado

Handsome Coffee Roasters

Designed by PTARMAK | Country: United States “Handsome needed a robust label system and an all purpose bag that could serve as

Sommer House

Designed by Project M+ | Country: United States “Born of love for her self-proclaimed granola connoisseur husband, Jennifer Sommer’s granola comes from