Popular designs

Milk Collection

Designed by Hattomonkey | Country: Russia Thanks to Hattomonkey for sending us these extremely creative milk packages. They’re so great I think

Darwin Press

Designed by Purpose | Country: United Kingdom | Fonts used: Basic Commercial or Akzidenz Grotesk “Every Christmas, the Darwin Press send confectionery


Designed by BVD | Country: Sweden | Fonts used: modified Stymie “Challenge: Treo is a Swedish classic of the 50s and 60s,

Arla Milk Bottle

Designed by Neumeister | Country: Sweden “Input: Arla Foods, the leading dairy company in Scandinavia, wanted to reverse the trend of dropping

s.he stylezone

Designed by Landor | Country: Germany “The brand agency Landor Associates in Hamburg, has developed a new brand identity for the cosmetic