Wine Packaging

“…The general character of the visual composition is maintained in a strict, premium style, which emphasizes the method of production of this wine, and its special
“For its new range of wines, we built a disruptive image, a tribute to Alentejo’s more genuine side, which we wanted to dissociate from the convention."
“The collection of four bottles of 10, 20, 30 and 40 years is carried in a case inspired by an old suitcase, in a clear allusion
Atipus, a Barcelona-based design studio, created the packaging design with summertime in mind. The packaging conveys energy, warmth, positivity, and happiness.

Popular designs

Student Work – Christopher Perry

Designed by Christopher Perry | Country: Sweden “Brief: Uncle Willy’s Wonky Crank Arms is a brand and packaging concept for a premium English


Designed by The Moderns | Country: United States “Berry+ is a 95% berry-based, 100% plant-based laundry soap. Unlike conventional detergents that come

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Designed by Sam Potts | Country: United States | Fonts: Hoboken High, Futura | Buy it Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company is your

Student Work – Martín Azambuja

Designed by Martín Azambuja | Country: Uruguay “The project was to design new packaging of flour for people who like cooking. I decided